If you're a football fan, you probably noticed our national television ad that ran during the second quarter of Super Bowl 50:

Recently our CEO Michael Dubin partipated in a video describing how our CDN Fastly was a key partner in our effort to support this event:

Dollar Shave Club moves to Fastly for a successful Super Bowl 2016 from Fastly on Vimeo.

We on the engineering team thought that you guys deserved a bit more in-depth info on exactly what we did to make this whole thing work (trust us, it was a big project). SPOILER: we pulled it off without any downtime, without losing a single member signup and even had a lot of server capacity to spare.

Stay tuned to this blog for details about the new applications we wrote, the crazy testing we performed and the resulting architecture that we have available to support the biggest advertising events that money can buy.